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    When equipped with Insight runeword, it heals 42 life very 2 seconds. Ignore Target's Defense. Might (Diablo II) - Diablo Wiki. Buy Diablo 2 Templar's Might - +2 Aura where prices are always low, and items are delivered quickly. Either the defensive Holy Freeze aura to slow enemies or the offensive Might aura to increase damage are good choices. Aug 28, 2008 · My act II merc is level 90 and has the Might aura. It gives them the desired Fanatism aura. One defends when his strength is inadaquate, he attacks when it is abundant. If you however open his/her inventory and remove an item that gives an aura and put it back on, it will remove or block an aura so you have to leave game cause it will remain bugged. The Aura the Hireling uses depends on the Difficulty level you were at and which type of Hireling you hired. So he kills the cold immunes on hell Diablo 2 Might Aura. He will slaughter bosses too. Nov 30, 2016 · Hirelings are mercenaries that can be hired to aid the player during the course of the game. The dolls were nerfed in PD2, but can still be extremely dangerous, especially if your merc or summons kill them in a bad spot. That one definitely looks to be pretty useful, but I'm going to stick with my Act I Rogue until I manage to get to Act II Nightmare, and pull a Might merc. In hell mercs get up to lvl 17, not 18 of the same auras Feb 15, 2021 · Mercenaries will now stay within range of character. One thing I forgot to add is that besides Obedience and Pride runeword on necromanc Sep 04, 2011 · Definitely use the nightmare offensive merc. Necromancers are slow. Act II Mercenary / Thresher / Jab. Also, +skill items also benefit mercenary auras. --Gaby de wilde For the most Auras: These mercs have a variety of auras. Might aura pridáva skvelé damage. This build is specically for travincal on hell. Insight, which solves your mana regeneration problems during normal and nightmare. This aura will do severe damage to any monster or player that hits the Paladin with a Melee attack. It's used in builds looking for more attack speed, such as auradins. Later a2 on nightmare. On hardcore they're simply not worth risking it on a regular basis. For Act 2 hirings 75 level and up, their Prayer Aura is level 18, which heals 21 life very 2 seconds. Last edited: Dec 21, 2020 Holy freeze: Dobrý merc. youtube. Can now equip crossbows. A Templar’s Might can be used to compensate for the lack of a native Might aura for even higher damage. Act II mercenaries in Nightmare difficulty may have this skill naturally, giving other classes access to Might. Nightmare Act 2 Offensive Merc gives Might. Basically, the Act II merc will only activate his aura when he has to pick an attack. Dec 19, 2017 · Might: 1 Point . Sep 19, 2019 · If I remember Spirit correctly its greatest use is the Meditation aura which makes it very useful on an Act 2 merc. 1 Act 1 1. e merc level) at any difficulty anymore. I was wrong, so are you. For merc you want defensive normal or hell merc (Defiance aura) with an Insight Polearm or eth Insight Colossus Voulge. You cannot control which of the available Auras the Hireling uses but normally they stick with one. 10 Frames = 0 IAS. 60-64% Chance of Crushing Blow. Trained in the use of Spears and Polearms, Desert Mercenaries are arguably the most… The ideal partner of a Hammerdin is an offensive Act 2 (Nightmare) hireling. Mercenaries Facts. Hit Blinds Target +(0. Re: Act 2 merc might aura question. Aug 05, 2011 · It is however very common to get an Act 2 Nightmare Defensive Mercenary, who also uses the aura. Mar 16, 2020 · If you have any other source of bonus off-weapon ED like Fort, Fanaticism, Merc's Might aura etc, DS will still work on the physical damage aspect. Mercenaries hired from All 3 difficulties (Normal/Nightmare/Hell) now use the same auras: Offensive uses Blessed Now uses Might aura. Nightmare Defensive Mercenary (Might Aura) Merc Helm: Tal Rasha’s Horadric Crest . They can even enhance your character's power and defense drastically if properly built. Merc Weapon: The Reaper’s Toll . Defensive: May Defensive:  If your mercenary dies, he can be resurrected from one of the townsfolk, although there Offense - Jab / Might Will share their auras with all party members. E-mail 1: "Just from a sadistic gamer's PoV that I come from, Mercs aren't a good idea. Harlequin Crest: It’s your best choice. It allows for a more defensive setup as its Holy Freeze Aura slows your enemies. 5 Frames = 42 IAS. Give him a Pride cryptic axe for the 285-345% bonus damage from the concentration aura. INCREASED ATTACK SPEED BREAKPOINTS. Mercenaries hired from Normal difficulty have better stats than those hired from Nightmare or Hell. Feb 08, 2017 · The healer merc does a good job of healing whomever is most wounded (amongst non-owner group members including pets and other mercs. Yeah, that was what I thought before I started building them like this. After reaching a high level it is quite easy to summon an entire army and have them slaughter demons for you. You will not be able to control them directly like your character, but they will help in slaying demons. Mar 10, 2005 · Anyway, with my renewed interest in Diablo 2 (usually lasts a month or two) I'm working on setting up an 8-player TCP/IP game with some friends online. Whichever you choose, the Act II mercenary is ideal as they are the only ones capable of running the the two polearm runewords. Holy Freeze: 1 Point . Act 2: Unchanged. Concentration. Another good option if you can get a good weapon is a Act 2 Might Merc (Nightmare offensive) These guys die a bit more (than the alternatives) but can output great damage along side your bone spells, although their aura doesn't benefit you much directly. Buy Diablo 2 Templar's Might - +1 Aura where prices are always low, and items are delivered quickly. ITD doesn't work on Champions and anything. I still prefer Pride because you ought to have a pretty good chance to hit anyway. So a level 98 might merc aura would be 10/32*98 = level 30 might aura. Full character builds and item packs, runes, jewelery and more. If you have low resistances, you can place an Um rune in it Jun 03, 2017 · The Merc's aura is dependant on the difficulty you get them from. Act 2 mercs are only popular because less gear based casters make up 90% of the population right now and they all want mediation over any other aura a merc can provide. When making a Freezing Arrow bowazon, you should only max out Cold Arrow [12% dmg synergy to FA], then, you use base 1 point Apr 12, 2020 · A mercenary that carries around a Fanaticism aura from the runeword Faith. Because windy druids have Pooh bears. Check out Mercenary facts, Mercenary stats and Mercenary Calculator. Skill description: When active, aura increases the damage and decreases the chance that the attack will be interrupted for you and your party. In Diablo II Classic they were temporary companions that could be hired to accompany the player throughout one act. I've never had a problem with A2 mercs not activating IN normal-up to lvl 18 at lvl 75,+skill items increase merc's aura level, so possible up to+8, andys, coh, ariocs. Merc Armor: Ethereal-Bugged Treachery Sacred Armor. That would be reasoning why Insight is popular, but Act 2 mercs have been considered the best since 1. Sep 25, 2011 · A Might aura merc can do a phenomenal amount of damage with such a weapon and can quite happily cut down any monster that crosses his path. The Rogue and Iron Wolf could also be obtained as quest rewards. It provides strong melee damage and is possibly achieveing the highest damage output in Diablo 2. Make a new game, equip all the stuff to your merc and when you leave town and start fighting your merc will eventually use his innate aura and all auras will be activated. As soon as you have a big etheral weapon for him, get the damage aura merc. Oct 18, 2020 · While Mercenaries were largely a novelty in early versions of Diablo II, they are substantially upgraded in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, and can be quite effective when properly equipped and supported. The auras all stack on top of each other as long as the gear is equipped and your merc is alive. Finally In a team setting the three combined auras can be very 18 May 2003 Act II Might - I might have damage problems, I'm not sure so this option there is no way any ranged merc will help you as much as one that has an aura. 4. Its Might Aura will increase your damage output even more. For that purpose, the calculator will show the value before the cap. Act 1 Rogue. Act 2 Merc aura’s do not automatically activate when you hire them, or do they become active when you leave town. ; Aura level cannot be increased by any form of skill bonus, neither individual nor skilltab, class skills, Fire Skills, or even All Skills. Feb 06, 2008 · Get an Act 2 Merc. Defense (Hell): Defiance; Offense (Normal): Blessed Aim; Offense (Nightmare): Might; Offense (Hell): Blessed Aim. 2) Might aura merc from Act 2. ) Important: Your healer merc will decide what to do without you telling him. The Merc auras all have level restrictions with the exception of the Might Merc aura. The zone also has a ton of different elemental immunities, although some are more rare than others and might not be an issue even for the user of that Diablo 2 Blessed Hammer; Diablo 2 Prayer Merc; Blade Fury doesn't have an AR bonus. All mercenaries now have auras that they activate during combat. That's just it - many guides and calculators claim that the aura level of a merc is 10/32*merc level. 5 per character level) (Based on Character Level) And there is a synergy between prayer and meditation aura of Insight runewords if it's equipped by the mercenary. I got one from act 2, but I don't see the might aura graphic around him, Vote to make sure Diablo3 is worthy successor to Diablo 2, and not  Offensive - Might. What skill level is his Might aura? I have a feeling there's a strat guide on strategy. Please note, it is also based on the other skills your bowazon has chosen to use with Freezing Arrow. In addition to that formula, all auras except Might are capped, meaning Might would go to 30 by level 98 (a calculator I found in the Diablo wiki claimed 29). The mighty aura plus your concentration aura can make the mercenary damage very high. It is because of the synergy between Prayer Aura and Mediation Aura. (Capped at level 17 30 Jun 2008 For example, my Act II NM Might merc is at level 49 right now. They have auras and are undoubtedly the best mercs to use. Overall, I would end up using the might merc because if you can get a good enough polearm, he can be as strong as the other 2 mercenaries, but ontop that, he also has might aura which is totally beneficial for killing enemies in hell difficulty. Conviction is a Paladin Skill in Diablo II. 5 Frames = 75 IAS < Optimal Performance The only other thing you might want to target which would discard that fact is which aura you want that suits your build. depending on the weapon you have for him. Synergy is only in effect when hard skill points are spent. Prevent Monster Heal. com - Your Favorite Place to Shop Diablo 2 Items! May 29, 2019 · Consider getting an Act 2 mercenary in Nightmare difficulty. Act 1 mercenaries have baseline pierce. I go over merc setup for all classes inn this video, with many variations. They can be a very helpful companions casting spells or providing auras. My question is this: should I equip him with an Ethereal Breath of the Dying Spear or an Ethereal Infinity Spear? Breath of the Dying has Poison Nova, Dual leech and increased attack speed. V kombinácii s Amplify Damage je to damage skutočne skvelé. You only spend 80 points on your elemental tree, then the rest would go towards a bear, no? Well, a might merc would boost Later on Act2 Nightmare – Offense Mercenary (Might Aura) or the Defense Mercenary (Holy Freeze) can be potential upgrades. 1 Inner Fire, Inner Frost, Inner Charge (Iron Wolf mercenaries only): 4 Act 5 4. The Mercenary Aura Level goes up 1 every 3 levels. Player vs Player: Thorns will do 1/8th the damage. 1 Poise (Rogue mercenaries only): 2 Act 2 3 Act 3 3. Any who stand against the Paladin and his allies will understand the meaning of folly. May be used in a Merc with Ethereal Jun 03, 2017 · lets say you have an act 2 defensive merc, and he's equipped with an Infinity polearm, and Dream for helm, the auras that come with the gear are lvl 15 holy shock, lvl 12 conviction, and holy freeze because he's an act2 NM defensive merc. The Hirelings of Act I are available from Kashya in the Rogue Encampment. If they are at a higher level than your character when you hire them, they will not level up until you reach their level. gg/8GXyu7ATwitch: https://www. It is fearsome enough to behold the power of a Paladin, let alone a Paladin aglow with the aura of Conviction. Its aura is of higher level than that of a Beast act 5 merc (see below). However, if you’re using a Last Wish, your Might Auras won’t stack, so you’d be better off with a Holy Freeze Merc (Nightmare Defensive). I don't agree using Infinity with a might aura merc when you use Freezing Arrow skill. This build makes an andying act 2 Merc (use might aura) with the 44ias bp reached, 50% deadly strike and 25% cb. The level of the auras increases as the mercenary levels. If you prefer attack, you can choose the nightmare difficulty Act 2 offensive mercenary with might aura. Act 5 Barbarian. › D2 might aura merc. All you need to do is put them out there fighting and the aura will activate after they take a few hits. 1 day ago · Give a summoner the Enigma armor for one point in Teleport, and a Might-aura merc carrying an Insight polearm to fuel your mana. twitch. Mercenaries can level up to 98, but can never level up higher than you. Act 2 Merc with Defense aura would be good to begin with. The might of your blows shall be felt a hundred fold unto you! Effect: Enemies take damage when they cause melee damage to party members. A Fanatic Zealot is a Paladin that utilizes the Zeal attack and Fanatic aura to enhance his physical Necromancer The Minion Necro is a necromancer build that utilizes, primarily, the skeleton, skeleton mage, golem, and revive abilities. Conviction' reduces the Defense of Next up is the Desert Merc, the Act 2 Hireling. 10 (or earlierwhenever they became more durable and revivable). My healer merc knew when mobs arrived with buffs on and he was the one that dispelled the mob buffs!!!! Jun 15, 2019 · Fire - Level 16 Might aura (+1 per 20 levels of merc), Multiple Shot, Fire Arrow Cold - Level 16 Blessed Aim aura (+1 per 20 levels of merc), Multiple Shot, Cold Arrow. Insight will give your merc between lvl 12 and 18 meditation, which will end your potion chugging for mana permanently. Also, their Note that resistances are capped at 75 unless the hireling wears something that increases max resistances. Auras All mercenaries now have auras that scale as follows: Aura Progression As you can see: the aura of the Offense Nightmare (Might Aura) is not capped, but has an implicit cap of 23, if the merc reaches level 99. Will both auras stack? Also, when 2 might mercs are together do their auras stack? Fito. Infinity has Conviction aura and Chain Lightning, but no increased attack speed or leech at all. Unless otherwise noted, Mercenary auras max out at level 18. Act 2 Merc Aura Activation. Merc Armor: Any Treachery Armor. Sanctuary: 1 Point . Admittedly I have never seen a windforce (at least in D2), weapon to get all the Barbarian auras, give 6 of them Act 2 mercs Move Holy Freeze up to the merc auras along side Might and Thorns etc. Mercs can level up just like you do, but they can never be higher level than you. I contributed to Diablo 2 by 2 tips and one fanart that I drew Due to various bugs with mercenary auras in Diablo II, reequipping items and dying This Build when u step into terror until end of destruction difficulty, u might  Mercenaries (mercs) were a novel idea in Diablo 2, though it was poorly implimented. Lore. com/channel/UCFc8CBNDUFLc1hN5UayNR8g/joinDonate: Nightmare Offensive Mercenary (Might Aura) Merc Helm: Ethereal Andariel’s Visage + 30 Fire Resistance / 15 IAS Jewel. So if your merc gets in trouble you might be able to Teleport them out of danger. The Act 2 Mercs are good ONLY for their Auras and melee-assistance; Barbarian Characters often take the Nightmare Offensive Mercenary SPECIFICALLY for access to the Might Aura. Synergies [ edit | edit source ] Your Mercenary will not survive Uber Tristram but may help versus Organ Bosses. tv/dbrunski125Membership: https://www. Not sure. Thorns: 1 Point . This halo of righteousness demonstrates, with force, the grim determination of those who shine within its brilliance. Auras from this mercenary affect all party members and minions in range. gamepedia. 30 Apr 2020 Diablo II mercenary system was fine, but as you progressed in the game most was that the only useful hireling was the Desert mercenary because of auras, Rogue - Fire (Normal): Fire Arrow, Critical Strike, Amplify D. Merc Weapon: Ethereal Infinity Giant Thresher. Feb 15, 2021 · Diablo 2 Mercenaries. 1 Rampage (Barbarian mercenaries only): Normal / Hell Combat -> Cleansing Aura1 Defense -> Defiance Compared to Vanilla D2, starting attack rating moderately increased and radius now fixed (greatly reduced at higher lvls) (Bedrock #1-hidden). Nov 27, 2019 · ~ MERC ~ Act 2, Nightmare, Offensive (gives Might aura) Andy Face, 15 ias Jewel (eth if possible) Fortitude, any elite light armor (eth + cube buged) Infinity, eth Thresher (for faster attacks which grants more CB over time) Alternativly you could equip him like this and use Clay Golem: Act 2, Nightmare, Offensive (gives Might aura) merc: might normal: use mainly amplify damage, diablo was the only hard fight, decrepify/clay golem slows bosses greatly nightmare: trivial, nothing gets to you, but your skeletons destroy everything, raise skeletons from nihlathak's temple entrance then kill pindleskin, then kill eldritch for xp, didn't really need to grind mephisto because In theory it will work with any version of Diablo II with Expansion. Ranged-based Barbarians (and there are a few out there!) are often best with the Act 2 Mercs as well. The forumla for calculating the level of an aura is: 10/32 of a level per level of the hirling (hlvl). The following changes have been made to mercenaries in Path of Diablo. I am unsure if might aura boosts hammer damage but i think only the concentration aura does, if thats the case either get the holy freeze merc (act 2 norm/hell diff) or the defence aura merc (act 2 nightmare) A hireling, or often called a mercenary, in Diablo II is a helping warrior that will accompany you while you journey in the game. Might: Druhá z dvoch najlepších volieb. 16 Apr 2006 Whats a best gear setup for a act 3 mercenary? with the rest, can cause some serious stacking of auras and damage, but, once again, depending on your character and main purpose it might be better to go with a act 2 mer You might disagree with me and insist that your beloved Act II Defiance, Might or served by Might, Defiance, Holy Freeze or Blessed Aim auras of the Act II mercs. One of them, though, is pretty vehemently anti-mercenary. You have have now unlocked the summoner's true potential, as your minions teleport with you and are easily deployed exactly where needed to attack a target all at once. Part the First - The Desert Mercenaries: The Desert Mercenaries of Diablo 2 are strong, melee-capable units that boast a formidable array of secondary abilities. In Diablo 2 you can hire mercenaries to help you on your journey. i wanna what act 2 merc would be best for defence aura, witch one Unless you do physical damage then you want a might merc, which is  The Aura the Hireling uses depends on the Difficulty level you were at and which Hirelings might not level up very well if they are in areas where monsters are When your Hireling dies, you can return to the nearest mercenary capta Another good option if you can get a good weapon is a Act 2 Might Merc ( Nightmare It's been awhile since I've played D2; the mercs with Holy Freeze are the  I was thinking of equiping my might merc with Bramble (thorns) armor. Holy freeze aura nám, kostlivcom a golemovi pomáha tak, že spomaľuje všetkých nepriateľov v dosahu. 9 Frames = 13 IAS Feb 04, 2014 · Mercenary Facts With the Diablo II Expansion, the hired help has been greatly improved. Delivery - how it works? We will deliver your order face2face: after we mule items, we will ask you via email to create a game with password on normal, then we will join and drop your item(s). The non-might mercs still do an impressive amount of damage and with a decent exceptional or elite pole arm/spear, can easily top 1000pts of damage. Jul 23, 2019 · Mercenaries The following changes have been made to mercenaries in Path of Diablo. Act 5 mercenaries can now equip also axes and maces. Normal/Hell Auras: Combat: Prayer Offensive: Blessed Aim Defensive: Defiance Nightmare Auras Combat: Thorns Offensive: Might. Diablo. High level summoners try to get the beast runeword (BerTirUmMalLum) on themselves. com Might is the first aura a Paladin is likely to use. Act I Hirelings: Rogue Scouts. Buy Diablo 2 Merc A5 Last Wish - ItemForge JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. An alternative option is the defensive version of the Act 2 hireling. most build guides used to recommend a Holy Freeze Merc. Gear for Act 5 Last Wish Barb Mercenary, Might aura will increase physical damage (his and yours/party) and Fade will give him a lot of resistances. Holy Fire Auradin Equipment Helmet. Required Level: 18; Prerequisites: Might Aura When Equipped items allow player or mercenary equipping them (or an Iron Golem made from them) to supply auras. but why hasn't it been recommend that the Might Merc use a Doom poleaxe to get the Holy Freeze aura? seems like a no-brainer here. I know  31 Jan 2021 Unless otherwise noted, Mercenary auras max out at level 18. (NOTE: EQUIPMENT FOR MERC WILL BE ADDED SHORTLY) - Templar's Might now gives Might aura when equipped, making it a great choice for merc armor. It's not a problem with the merc. There is also an item that gives this Aura: the runeword Last Wish . Desert  15 Feb 2021 Auras are updated and will be the same for Normal, Nightmare, and Hell. dll's as virus - that's false alarm. Apr 17, 2009 · Diablo II: Patriarch Silverbolt Silverbolt is a Fanatic Zealot, a Paladin that utilizes the Zeal attack and Fanaticism aura to enhance his physical attack. The only ways to multiply the AR are a Blessed Aim merc and Claw Mastery (which is limiting and not very effective). I double checked on that one-that's Insight (Ral-Tir-Tal-Sol). There is no cap at which you can hire mercs (i. And helps with leech too. Act3: Better skillset for all elements Fire: Fireball, Firestorm, Meteor, Cyclone Armor + level 2 Conviction aura Jul 15, 2008 · That build might be an exception, but generally speaking the Amazon is capable of doing solo in Hell, but she probably needs the help of an Act 2 Merc (giving perhaps Holy Freeze Aura or maybe Blessed Aim for added Attack Rating). now it's a Might Merc. Eventhough they never attack with the weapon. Diablo 2 merc weapons Jan 08, 2014 · Mercenary For the most part, an Act II Nightmare Offensive Mercenary will be your best bet, as his Might Aura will provide you with a nice damage boost. Templar's Might The Gladiator's Bane Merc Packs Act1 Mercs Act2 Mercs Rares D2Perm. Mig 2 Jan 2019 Does act 2 Merc with Might aura stack with concentration from Pride rune-word? I want to Enjoying getting back into D2 with Plugy. Level 17 Might Aura When Equipped +330-374% Enhanced Damage. Holy Fire: Invest only a point, because your Holy Fire Aura will come from your items, while you’re using the Conviction Aura. Feb 04, 2014 · When built right, your pally will have around 1700 life without BO. Using this aura, the Paladin causes the temperature of the air around him to drop drastically, freezing the flesh of his enemies. Holy freeze dokáže spomaliť aj cold imunne nepriateľov. Discord: https://discord. Might aura get lvl 20 i think. Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance. Fire: Vigor (when merc level 18 or higher); Cold: Meditation (when Prayer; Lightning: Holy shock + Static Field. This is the type of character that requires a good, high damaging weapon in order to be effective. One of the guides on here suggests Infinity, presumably for the 83% defense reduction, which could also be handy. --# Changing Modes In Windows Start Menu >> Diablo II Dreamaker Mod or in Game Folder ( probably C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo II ) - Convert and Open Fullscreen - Convert and Open Windowed--Some antivius programs can detect . It offers a nice damage boost in the As some of you might know, I have decided to be different and experiment with a Rogue merc instead of going for Act II aura-enchanted mercs like everybody else. Flail / Smite / Conviction OR Salvation. Yeah. The Desert Warrior requires a little stimulus to use his aura and this means getting him involved in the action.