We Ship Nationwide. Orders Might Be Delayed Due To Current Lockdown Restrictions.

We Ship Nationwide. Orders Might Be Delayed Due To Current Lockdown Restrictions.

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Welcome to Amalgam

Our Story Should be Everybody’s Story

Ever since childhood, I have been a passionate kid who loved to create “something poignant out of nothing” simply by blending and merging different things; the idea itself pleased me enough to love it.

After quite a lot of thinking, I realized that this idea should not be subjected to my passion alone; rather it should be recognized as “the need of the hour”. In addition to that, the harrowing updates of the climatic changes and the house arrest nature of the Covid pandemic proved to be my ultimate eye-opener in context with waste material. As in if one home produces this much trash then imagine the production of waste on a global level!

Not long ago, I was decluttering my mom’s wardrobe only to realize that about 30% of her clothes were of no use to her, and 15% of the garments were never tried on even once! This scenario was enough to strategize my first step with Amalgam.

Little did I know that this passion will make its existence known with something so meaningful and needful. Gradually, Amalgam established its creative roots with the idea of spreading awareness about “Sustainable and Slow fashion”.

Amalgam – Aishwarya’s upstanding sustainable clothing brand

Let’s start with the term ‘Amalgam’. In simpler terms, amalgam is an even combination of two or more things. Subsequently, the idea is to ‘Amalgamate’ in other words, “coming together and spreading oneness to safeguard the integrity of our world”.

Amalgam as you can grasp is a ‘Sustainable Brand’. In other words, sustainability is conditioned right from designing to marketing. The chief idea behind the creation of ‘Amalgam’ is to make our people aware of the worth of a trendy sustainable lifestyle, instead of running behind the toxicity of “Fast Fashion” that promotes environmental degradation.

Amalgam is proudly a ‘woman-owned business’, currently organized as a ‘Sole Proprietorship’. Our marketing efforts are intended towards both Men & Women of around the age group of 20-45 The ones with trendy and comfortable taste can look up to us as we combine the ‘Rocking Western’ with a sprinkle of ‘Ethnic Touch’. Amalgam is ready to provide you with clothing that is Minimalistic+Stylish. We want our citizens to become conscious of the ecological challenges before choosing their outfits.

The multiple innovative designs of Amalgam will provide a better idea of dressing up terrifically with zero chances of hassle even on occasions such as weddings.