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We Ship Nationwide. Orders Might Be Delayed Due To Current Lockdown Restrictions.

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Hemp: The Multanimus Fabric

We use Hemp in most of our clothing process because they’re known as ‘Environmental Super Fibre’. Now imagine what a waste it would be if we end up throwing them out, these important fabrics would naturally biodegrade. Additionally, these fabrics tend to be coloured with eco-friendly and non-toxic dyes. Proper utilization of the fabric helps in reducing the harmful usage of synthetic fabrics that shed micro-plastics into our environment.

Praiseworthy benefits of Hemp:

1. It’s Strengthing: Hemp has four times the strength of cotton; a fabric that strong, doesn’t get weaker even after multiple washing. That’s not all, Hemp is way more becoming for the environment than cotton.

2. It’s Hypoallergenic: Thanks to the natural protein structure of Hemp and its integral capacity to fend off the nasty bacterias. The fabric is absolutely comfortable for even the most sensitive of skins.

3. It’s UV Resistant: Hemp can filter the sun’s harmful rays up to SPF 15, but it can be manipulated during its manufacture to screen up to SPF 50; which is the maximum protection available.

4. It’s Thermo Regulating Too: Hemp clothing, like bamboo clothing, has this really smart ability to know when you’re a bit cold or a little too warm. It’ll respond and react to what your body needs most.

5. It’s Non-Wrinkly: Hemp Does Not crease easily. It has an amazing fall to it; making it worthwhile for people who are too lazy to ironing their clothes all the time.

6. It’s Water-Resistant: Hemp delays in absorbing water very quickly. Therefore, if someone accidentally splashes water on you, you will not end up being drenched and embarrassed; rather you’ll make everyone surprised.

7. Hemp Is Recyclable and Guilt-Free: Once you are practically done with your favourite Hemp clothing, you can quickly recycle it. You won’t even feel judged about adding to the landfills, because Hemp is biodegradable as well!