We Ship Nationwide. Orders Might Be Delayed Due To Current Lockdown Restrictions.

We Ship Nationwide. Orders Might Be Delayed Due To Current Lockdown Restrictions.

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Fast fashion may provide the consumers with quick and easy accessibility to an affordable garment but that comes at a terrible cost by harming the environment, causing pollution & harming animals!

On the other hand, Sustainable fashion might take some time but they are manufactured, marketed and used as sustainably as possible & they are environment-friendly and value the socio-economic aspects.

We begin the process of sanitation as soon as we receive the package from our customers/Amalgamators or factories. Once everything is sanitised, they are sent for dry cleaning to make sure that they are cleaned thoroughly before production. Also, all of our products are re-sanitised before we send them to you!

We use different kinds of biodegradable and upcycled fabrics. The ‘base fabric’ is mostly Hemp, along with up-cycled sarees which we procure from both factory’s surplus and from our customers.

We have two options for customisations.
1. Custom size: For this, you can directly click on the custom option from the product page and fill in the requirements and you will get in your required custom size.
2. Made from scratch: For this please check our (made from scratch) highlights on Instagram or directly WhatsApp us as per your requirement and we will get in touch with you ASAP.

It is advised to wash your clothes if it’s utmost necessary but washing your clothes frequently will take away the life of clothes.

– Hang them to dry in shade after every use instead of washing them frequently.
– Please check our wash and care instructions for more details!

You can always get it customised in your size!

Yes, we do make accessories and tote bags. They are made with scraps left while production, to get zero waste.

Please use this link to contact us.

We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible but it might take 2-3 days since the founder takes care of each of your queries herself.

You are more than welcome to be a part of the amalgamation process using this link.

You can receive the notifications via mail or message!

We do not do any recreations of clothing from other designers, kindly do not send us such references!

For the custom size, it mostly takes around 10 to 15 days. Although it might also take 2-6 weeks for ‘Made from Scratch’ custom orders!

Yes, stay updated with our website and social media to know about offers and sales & (don’t forget to switch on the post notifications).