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We Ship Nationwide. Orders Might Be Delayed Due To Current Lockdown Restrictions.

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Pocket full of Sunshine

1. Cargo Pockets: Cargos are comfortable, and loose-fitting pants for activities like hiking and long-distance travelling! Likewise, the Cargo Pockets are very expandable and creates room for various things! Also known as box pleated Pockets!

2. Coin Pockets: coin pocket was first discovered in 1902, also known as a watch pocket which lies in the right front pocket of jeans. These pockets are stitched by some pieces of our clothing and it’s very handy and can be converted into mobile pockets!

3. Flap Pocket: A Flap pocket as the name suggests keeps your stuff from falling out clumsily! The flap pocket can have a trendy design, a button closure, or anything you desire!

4. Inseam/Inset Pocket: The invisible pocket that remains hidden behind a larger pocket to store confidential stuff!

5. Kangaroo Pocket: A Kangaroo pocket is a huge pocket similar to the pouch of a Kangaroo that can keep a lot of things and is divided into two sections!

6. Phone Pocket: Breathing is next to the mobile phones that we carry with us 24/7. Yes, a phone pocket is the updated version of the watch pocket! It’s slim and trendy and much essential!

7. Patch Pocket: Patch pockets are a ‘patch of fabric’ stitched on top of clothing! They can be of various designs and yet give you a trendy & patch-up look!

8. Pencil/Pen Pocket: An Extra patch of fabric to sustain your pencil, pen, or notepads comfortably!

9. Pleated Pocket: Our designers found a way to make the boring patch pocket cool! They have added a pleated design to enhance the beauty of the pocket!

10. Slant/Cross/Slashed Pocket: So many names and quite useful; this pocket starts from the waist and goes diagonally down to the sides.

11. Welt Pocket: The Pocket with lips; whose narrow fabric edges are attached separately!

Be a Pick-Pocket of Charming Taste!